Being a Goat Momma

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I'm not shy about 'Mama Goat-ing" our bottle babies into some manners (face tap/push like mom's do) because that's what mama goats do.  Usually I can do that when they are a little older but this year it's already out of hand.  I now have to teach the other babies manners too, and that doesn't really sit well with the other mama goats.  Do you know, it's really hard to try to teach my baby manners when the OTHER BABIES are jumping on my back too!!! Really wish those moms would DO SOMETHING about those little DELINQUENTS they are raising. They are sticking their heads in my pocket, butting me, eating my coveralls and just TORMENTING me. I will push their muzzle away from me, after I fish it out of my pocket/jacket/wherever (ya, you know where) they are poking that head. Run JUST ONE bottle baby in the kidding crowd and that changes EVERYTHING!  Now I'm just another goat.  I used to think it was funny or cute when the babies would jump on the mamas, play climb the mama and king of the mama.  I don't think it's so funny now that I'm the mama!

My kids raise their dairy kids on bottles and now those diary kids have my yearling boer does swarming me. BOTH pens? Really?  How did this happen?  Those boer yearlings usually are pretty calm and standoff-ish.  Curious, yes; into everything, yes but not usually under foot, wrapped around me, checking in my pockets, climbing into the bucket and sneaking out the gate with me!  Where is the respect!?  I buy your food.  I build your house.  I let you eat my lawn (ok, that may be an exaggeration).  I get you treats.  I carefully check out your potential boyfriends.  I plan my trips and family stuff around you and your herd.  Can you at least try to pretend to show a little respect for that? 

sigh. what happened to my nice half wild herd of boers that never messed with meOh ya - I sold those wild & crazy things cuz I thought I liked FRIENDLY GOATS.

Well, I think I need to go check the goaties.  I think I hear them missing me, it  must be play time!  Gosh I love my goats :)

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