Goats Like Night Lights

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Ok, so we had quite an interesting night last night. So I must have had too much coffee, chocolate, Diet Coke, excitement, etc, whatever it was that I couldn't sleep. So there I was downstairs crocheting these cute little "soap coats" for the little soap bars. Yes. Really. I was making soap coats. They are cute, and you can hang up your soap and either look at it cuz it's cute or use it as a wrap around wash cloth for the soap or stick those little almost-gone-but-too-good-to-waste-don't-wanna-throw-away pieces of soap in to use up.

Anyway, I digress. So I finally at about 1am decide to head to bed. All snuggled in my warm fuzzy zebra stripe jammies with my pink cammo wool socks under my fuzzy blankie. Yep, I'm all set for sleep. Just relaxed, drifting off to sleep. . . . . . and WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKK!
WHAT WAS THAT? Oh, power went out, came on and the alarm clock had a serious issue of no clue what time it is. Humphf. Ok. Roll over, snuggle down. . . . . relax. . . . .sigh, ahhhhhh. WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKK!
AGAIN! REALLY! Stupid clock. Ok, roll back over. Grab the phone to check weather. Oh, ugh, wireless got knocked out so switch over to cellular data. Ya. Right. That works well on a clear sunny day so gonna work perfect tonight in an ice storm. Whatever. It's funny how a dark house gets darker when the power goes out. There it went again. Hmmmmmm. Ok. Maybe the stupid alarm clock will stay off now and I can sleep (especially considering said clock is now unplugged and on the floor)
Roll Over. Smack the pillow. Smack the other pillow. Fish the other, other pillow off the floor, wiggle pillows in place, flip fuzzy blankie back where it is supposed to be. Snuggle down. Humphf. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Huh? no. no way. I'm hearing things. close eyes, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! WHAT NOW! I swear if you aren't smart enough to go INSIDE one of the many shelters you don't deserve to live. Throw back the fuzzy blankie and get up. Mind you, it's darker than I don't know what, stumble to the bathroom window and look. No goat. hmmmm. maaaaaaa. I think I heard something - so of course, just what you want to do at 1 am in the pitch dark with no electricity (which means no more heater) is OPEN THE WINDOW TO HEAR BETTER. So of course, that's what I do. Hmmm, yep, it's still blowing freezing rain and sleet. How do I know? My nice warm fuzzy zebra jammies are now frosted zebra color. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh for goodness sake. That dang Dam'zel is stuck in the fence I bet. Stupid goat. And since I'm a good goat mommie, I go tripping down the super dark stair way in my fuzzy wool cammo socks and FROSTED zebra fuzzy jammies. Great. Where are the coveralls? Of COURSE! they are hangign by the door soaking wet from earlier. Get the flashlight (aka phone) find someone elses dry coveralls, someone elses dry hat and my wet boots.
Out I go in the sleet to rescue a goat too dumb to live on it's own. It is possible for grass and mud to become slick as a sheet of ice. Ask how I know. I have a dent to prove it. Walk up by the dairy pen to get to the boer pen to get what I THINK is a goat stuck in a fence out. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! oh heck, that is the dairy pen. So I go to that gate, where the goats all snug in their barn can see me. So of course they need to come investigate and supervise as I break the ice off the chain latch that is looped through the extra gate hole (cuz they can open it the other way) and FINALLY get it open to go see who is crying. Walk to the other little hut, thinking someone has been kicked out of their warm bed and needs rescuing. Uh, hello goaties. Count noses. peek in the hut - Fairy Dust pokes her head out MAAAAAA! LOOKS AT ME, LOOKS AT THE YARD LIGHT, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! and lays down in her hut.

OMG!!! You got me UP OUT OF BED in this SLEET STORM to tell me YOUR NIGHTLIGHT IS OUT!

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  • Do you have a soap that has Osmanthus fragrant in it, I bought some from a place in Idaho and it had different fragrances in it, if not maybe you know of a place. The fragrances were wrapped in celephane and were Mango Mango,Fun on the beach or salty Mariner and others, please help me. Thank you so much

    Rakell Ferre on

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