The Making of Hand Butter

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So we just introduced our newest version of  the Tripple Whipped Butter and I think I am FINALLY happy with it!  It's been a progression of formulas over the years and this one seems to be nice and spreadable but still makes the original requester happy.  Incidentally, we will be introducing a non-greasy formula soon as part of this development (2 for one product development, no better thing!)

So to make the Tripple Whipped Butter, we have always put the three butters in it, Shea, Cocoa and Mango - this is still the same.  What we have done to make it more spreadable is to add more liquid oils and convert to a high temperature coconut oil.  The 72* coconut oil is a big challenge in body products as it changes character (solid to liquid) at 72* which is All. The. Time.  Like twice a day sometimes!  And forget pocket safe with that unless you use a ton of wax.

So to make this, we start out by measuring and melting the butters and coconut oil, then adding the liquid oils.  From there we whisk it all together and cool it down to whipping temperature.  This actually takes forever... really....  I'm serious!  5 minutes to measure and melt, 2 hours of cooling, checking, whipping - cool more - whip more - cool more - scrape, whip, scrape, whip, cool, whip, scrape, whip until - Viola`!  It. is. PERFECT!   Easily spreadable, holds the fluffiness of whipped butter and oh my, how it absorbs and moisturizes.

We are absolutely thrilled and overjoyed to finally have a soft easily use tripple whipped butter in our product line up that we have made the introduction our first blog entry.  Yep, that's how special it is.  We hope you try some, it's the perfect thing for the next few months of cold, brutal hand chapping weather.

Keep in mind, this is one of our All-Natural products which means it is NOT created with a preservative.  This is perfectly safe since it has absolutely no added liquid and is strictly oils and butters.  You must keep this product free from any introduced liquid.  We will be including a "dipper" with orders so that you can scoop out some without risking any contamination and keep your Tripple Butter nice and safe from any bacterial growth.  As with all our other All Natural products, it is fragrance free. 

We are happy to add fragrance (and preservative) if you desire - just comment in your order, we enjoy making special orders just for you - it's just part of the fun and charm of a small hand crafter and you truly do get products made with you in mind!

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