About Goat's Milk in Soaps

Why Goat Bubbles 'n Bunny Kisses Products?
They’re Awesome!  Our small business if totally family run, and is a whole family endeavor.  To see who is doing what, check us out on Facebook!  The milk we use is from Katherine and Mathew's own dairy goat herd!  They raise and show their goats and use the milk to make our top notch products. We want all of our customers to enjoy the goodness of “new” old-fashioned handcrafted bar soap with the goodness of natural ingredients, mixed up with love and fun in our farmhouse.

Why Goat Milk?
Goat Milk contains vitamins, minerals, protein and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Protein in milk and cream moisturizing to our products. There are Alpha Hydroxy Acids in milk that also help to remove dead skin cells from your skin. There are vitamins and minerals in goat milk and those are always a good thing! Try finding all that goodness in a soap made just water! Our soaps are made with fresh milk from our very own diary herd and the goodness of farm fresh milk comes through in our soap.  We also have many other products like our lotion with the goodness of goat milk in them as well.  Remember "Milk, It does a body good?"  Well, it sure does - even when you don't drink it.

About our Additives - Colors
Where is that color from? It’s NOT from a chemical dye, that’s for sure! When we use colors in our soap we use natural colorants such as mica, oxides and clay. Mica is a mineral that is mined and then processed. When used in soap the mica creates strong colors that usually don’t color your washcloths or bathtub. The clays we use are also taken from the earth and processed to be used in body products such as our soap. As all surfaces are different, you may want to test for color transfer.

About our Additives - Fragrance
Our fragrances are all pthalate-free and we aim for not overpowering. Some fragrances also change the color of our soap, especially fragrances with vanilla!  We also use Essential oils in some soap for their properties and for fragrance.  For those who have a sensitivity to fragrance, we have a large line of soap with no fragrances added. 

A note about our inventory, we try very hard to keep it exactly online but occasionally a product is off. This may be due to loss at a craft show, taking teachers and others gifts, or just plain miscounting. If we can make additional we will, if not we will refund your purchase price.