All Natural Salves

  • $ 3.00

Here is an all purpose salve with no fragrances, no colorants, no added anything! What are they for you ask?  Anything you need!  From unflavored lip balm, dry elbow moisturizer, cuticle cream or callous softening, these pots of salve will do the trick.  We do not recommend Rose Salve or Lavender Salve for lips as they do contain essential oil.

We invest months into these salves by infusing slowly with chamomile, rosemary, lavender and now calendula dried herbs.  We then created these pots of salve from the infused oil by adding in cocoa butter and a bees wax blend.  We added Lavender Essential Oil to the Lavender salve and Rose Essential oil to the Rose Salve for a little extra boost. 

Drop one of these in your cart and you won't regret it!  Just be sure to get them before they are gone, they are hard to keep in stock!