Fresh Cut Roses Goat Milk Soap

  • $ 4.00

Hey girls, you know you love a boquet of flowers and we do too!  So here are some bouquets for the bath.  Light, fresh, exotic, homey and delicate - we have them all so browse through the flower, er, I mean soap shop for your favorite fragrance.  If you had a floral "white" bar of soap, here it is!  We used rose clay to get the base color, a smidge of white and a bit of luck to create a dove in the bar we shaped into a bit of a heart.  We hope you enjoy our creativity, we found magic when we cut this soap and feel very blessed by this beautiful soap.

What makes our soap so AWESOME? At Goat Bubbles n Bunny Kisses we create unique soaps using the traditional method of handcrafting in small batches.  To further increase the skin loving value of our soap, we use milk from our own dairy goats to make our top notch products.  Using goat milk in our soaps adds all the benefits of whole, farm fresh goat milk to our soaps.  We want all of our customers to enjoy the goodness of a “new” old-fashioned handcrafted bar soap with the goodness of natural ingredients, mixed up with love and fun in our farmhouse.