[SOAP] - Goat Milk Soap

Lemon Poppy Goat Milk Soap

  • $ 4.00

This soap is a lovey creamy color topped with a miniature lemon slice.  With the lemon poppy seed aroma it's perfect for the kitchen.  With the lemon-y fragrance and poppy seeds, it works hard to cut those kitchen odors on your hands.

Nearly sold out, don't miss this one - also available in lotion

What makes our soap so AWESOME? At Goat Bubbles n Bunny Kisses we create unique soaps using the traditional method of handcrafting in small batches.  To further increase the skin loving value of our soap, we use milk from our own dairy goats to make our top notch products.  Using goat milk in our soaps adds all the benefits of whole, farm fresh goat milk to our soaps.  We want all of our customers to enjoy the goodness of a “new” old-fashioned handcrafted bar soap with the goodness of natural ingredients, mixed up with love and fun in our farmhouse.